Share My Strength (poem)

Mark Twain quotes no 14

Our modern lives are very protected from natural threats. It is hard to grasp the reality of the danger from ecological collapse. Mark Twain pointed out that “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

Share My Strength

Emotions bind us and empower
Fear can motivate and inspire
If you could only feel my shame
You’d know that we are all to blame

Share with me the sense of guilt
And you will share the strength I’ve built
Death is not my greatest fear
But losing all that we hold dear

For so many decades we’ve denied
Our part in this great mortal tide
The sixth extinction under way
We cause dying every day

Find the courage to share my fear
Guilt admitted is conscience clear
Then perhaps we’ll have a chance
To start to learn a different dance

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