Key Resource Links

Embracing equitable Degrowth requires humanity to share a collective raised consciousness in the way that we view the world. The KWYRA videos are freely available on YouTube and will help you personally to navigate past the blocks in perception that arise from civilisation and enable you to ‘Know What You Really Are’.

Links to petitions related to GWP Degrowth and the Charter for Eco-Justicelink
Links to science articles and other evidence of the Degrowth mindset emerginglink
Medium articles covering different aspects of the Degrowth paradigm shiftlink
The Cultural Causes of Climate Injustice, article that inspired the Roadmaplink
‘Beyond Growth’, ‘Post Growth’ and Degrowth events past and futurelink
Scientists Warning proposes a Roadmap to Ecological Justice (preprint)link
Gaia in Overshoot – how to achieve maximum mitigation by peaceful means link
2023-06 Submission to Global Stocktake 2023 for the Paris climate agreementlink
2023 Submitting the Charter for Ecological Justice for SDG Action Award link
Paper about the Emotional Evolution required to embrace equitable Degrowthlink
2023 Applying the Degrowth mindset to the Botley West Solar Farm protest link
2023-07-01 The Lifeboat letter sent to UK MPslink
2022-10 to 2023-06 PFP Anti-growth Alliance vision statement and period link
2022/10/12 Legal challenge to GDP growth economics, plus letter to UK MPslink
2022 HLPF submission – The Framework for Maximum Mitigationlink
2022 HLPF submission – The Ego to Eco Journey in Leadership and Governancelink
The Earth Charter, provides an initial framework for Ecological Ethicslink
2022-09-18 Letter to UK MPs requesting cross-party emergency government link
Post COVID review of SDGs 4,5,14,15,17 for HLPF 2022 by UN Commons Clusterlink
2023-03 Barbara Williams radio interview with Grant Grindley of Witney link
2022-07 Barbara Williams discusses Education at a side-event at the UN HLPFlink
Article about opening the Overton Window to imagine maximum mitigation link
2020-03 The book ‘Saving Us from Ourselves’ free to downloadlink
2020-09 Poems booklet which was sent to every UK MP in September 2020link
2023 Chatting Jack Mazingira after his film was deemed insensitive and racistlink
2021 PFP collaborates with organisations in Kenya and Malawilink
2022-12-01 Witney Blanket Hall ‘The only Sustainable Growth is Degrowth’link
Ted Trainer’s promotes Degrowth in his science paper and other worklink
Book ‘Rescuing Democracy’ a democratic structure for long-term issueslink
Book by Reed Kinney ‘Decentralised Civilisation and Egalitarian Community’link
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