Key Resource Links

Submission to the Global Stocktake 2023 regarding Paris Climate agreementlink
An introduction the UN Charter for Ecological Justice for Heads of Statelink
‘Beyond Growth’ events and Degrowth plans taking place in Europe and the UK link
Applying the Degrowth mindset to the Botley West Solar Farm protest link
Anti-growth Alliance vision statement, and other work carried out in that namelink
‘Fiduciary Funds for global Ubuntu’ financing Universal Basic Provision link
Legal challenge to GDP growth economics, plus letter to UK MPs 12/10/
The UN Charter for Ecological Justice sets quantifiable ecological aspirationslink
The cultural changes needed for voluntary, equitable IPAT Degrowth link
The Framework for Maximum Mitigationlink
The Ego to Eco Journey in Leadership and Governancelink
The Earth Charter, provides an initial framework for Ecological Ethicslink
Letter to UK MPs requesting cross-party emergency government 18 Sep 2022link
Post COVID review of SDGs 4,5,14,15,17 for HLPF 2022 by UN Commons Clusterlink
Barbara Williams discusses Education at a side-event at the UN HLPF 2022link
Article about opening the Overton Window to imagine maximum mitigation link
The book ‘Saving Us from Ourselves’ free to downloadlink
The climate crisis Poems which were sent to every UK MP in September 2020link
Poems for Parliament collaborates with organisations in Kenya and Malawilink
Witney Blanket Hall 01/12/2022 -‘The only Sustainable Growth is Degrowth’link
‘Rescuing Democracy’ proposes a democratic structure for long-term issueslink
Book by Reed Kinney ‘Decentralised Civilisation and Egalitarian Community’link
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