Share My Strength – background

Experts agree that with the standard of living that most of the people in the developed world expect nowadays, the Earth, even as it was before we depleted it of its resources, could only sustain a fraction of the number of humans currently around.  Our wanton pursuit of Growth shows no sign of abating, we continue to increase the CO2 levels, dangerous feedback loops are getting underway as ice melts and droughts exacerbate fires.  We are continuing with a suicidal Growth paradigm that is reducing our chances of survival, this means that a complete crash and wipe-out is becoming increasingly likely.   

We are not exempt from the Sixth Mass Extinction, in fact we are very much the next on the hit-list, possibly even this decade.  We would be wise to assume sooner rather than later, because we need to feel the fear that is commensurate with that danger, and the guilt that reflects the fact that we are responsible. Only by feeling these very deep emotions shall we find the motivation needed for the paradigm shift in thinking that is required before we take any significant steps to alter our destiny.  

The poem ‘Share My Strength’ attempts to highlight the importance of engaging our emotions in the battle to redeem ourselves from our destructive past behaviour. Without that level of anguish and remorse we shall continue on our destructive path. Mark Twain wisely pointed out that:

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

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