Country Lanes In Lockdown (poem)

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The COVID experience has shown us how well we can pull together in an emergency, in a situation where we are made fully aware of the danger.

Only news channels that are dedicated to reporting about climate and ecological collapse, consistently remind us of the reality of the danger we face. Such coverage puts our concerns about COVID into perspective.

Country Lanes In Lockdown

Delicious sunlit days lightened the lockdown for me
Endless sunny strolls along our country paths
The virus was nothing; since a greater fear
Haunted the hedgerows and made me see clear

Each walk was a farewell to the countryside I love
A day before the last day, and though it broke my heart
Somehow in the moment I could savour that last taste
Of what we are destroying and consigning to waste

The Sixth Mass Extinction puts the virus in its place
My own life a minor detail on the canvas of decline
Our England is warming; things will never be the same
Before it’s lost forever I’ll enjoy its last refrains

Today we’re rich, tomorrow poor
Nature can’t give us any more
Better preserve what we have left
Before we leave the world bereft

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