2020 Vision (poem)

Albert Einstein see quote 100

Einstein wisely observed that “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them.”

This explains why the ‘Growth’ paradigm is failing to find a solution to the man-made climate and ecological crisis.


2020. The year of vision
The time to make the big decision
To open our eyes and see the signs
The downside of our grand designs

In hindsight, we’ve been in denial
Walked blind into our greatest trial
Our dreams have led us to the brink
There’s so little time to stop and think

What we want and what we need
Are poles apart, like gift and greed
What we think and what we do
Are crucial now, the debt is due

Today we’re rich, tomorrow poor
Nature can’t give us any more
Better preserve what we have left
Before we leave the world bereft

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