The Case Against The Human Race (poem)

of Human Rights

Human Rights is at the core of our modern culture. When they were drawn up the ‘Rights of Wildlife’ were not taken into consideration at all. We need to all be made aware of the implications of this omission.

The Case Against the Human Race

We’re blinded by our human rights
Our animal kin are out of sight
If nature must remain excluded
Our story will soon be concluded

If human nature must come first
We’ll think we’re best and be the worst
Unless we change collective thinking
We’ll never realise we’re sinking

The road to privilege for all
Is paved with pride, it’s our downfall
Humility as a human grace
Is all that will protect our race

Those with plenty need to share
Before their cupboards too are bare
We must see we’re in this together
A change of heart to change the weather

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