My MP and I (poem)

25 June 2020 in Winey outside the Conservative offices

This poem was inspired by my own MP. However it applies equally well to any MP with young children who toes the party line. Currently there is no political party that aspires to Degrowth.

Our politicians simply reflect public opinion. They cannot achieve paradigm shift unless we want it.

My MP and I

My MP and I, we correspond
It is an unusual sort of bond
With care he toes the Tory line
Degrowth the last thing on his mind

His children will still be at school, when the Arctic turns ice-free
He tells me that he’s on the case, the ‘Green recovery’
Will his children be impressed with this meagre legacy?

He tells me he spoke out at school, on the environment
He hasn’t spoken out much since; that’s sadly evident
The policy may work for now, delusion and denial
He may well get away with it – but only for a while

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