My MP and I – Background

My MP was kind enough to meet with me and two other climate activists in 2019. We had asked him to watch the XR ‘Heading for Extinction’ talk and to discuss with us the anxieties that it raises about Climate Tipping points and Cascades.

He shared our concerns. What struck me most from that interview was a plea that he made towards the end, saying ‘But how can we take the public with us?’. It was that comment that made me realise that the stumbling block to any significant action on the climate crisis was simply the fact that the public would not voluntarily undertake the necessary changes and reductions in our current standard of living.

No public in any modern country has yet demanded a political party that aspires to voluntary Degrowth with regard to any of the three key culprits in climate and ecological collapse, namely:

  • Technology
  • Affluence
  • Population
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