Tipping Points (poem)


The evidence continues to stack up, the News article linked above was written in November 2019. It identifies nine climate tipping points that have been passed and inspired this poem.

Tipping Points

We’ve reached the point of no return
But scientists warn in vain
Heatwaves in Siberia
While China’s drenched in rain

Our last chances pass us by
To do the things we must
Such sad observers we shall be
When landscapes turn to dust

A tall tree that’s about to fall
Starts slowly then falls fast
The slippery slope is beckoning
Which tree will be the last?

Greenland turning green again
Its glaciers will be no more
The Arctic will be free of ice
In twenty thirty-four

The bleaching of the Coral Reefs
Makes deserts in the sea
Must we wait to see savanna
Where rainforests used to be?

Melting permafrost spews methane
To further heat our atmosphere
The endless ice of the Antarctic
On its way to disappear

When the Gulf Stream loses its memory
The oceans will be lost
We need a different point of view
To help us pay the cost

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