Who is behind the Anti-Growth Alliance?

The Voice of the Anti-Growth Alliance is that of Barbara of Williams. Her work is shared with the following organisations, who share the aspiration to eliminate global ecological overshoot. Unlike the ‘voice’, these organisations are hampered by the constraints of the Overton window. This self-censorship prevents the majority of our public figures from speaking out in the frank manner of the Anti-Growth Alliance. Some of our many associates are listed below:

The Dutch Footprint Network endorsed the aims of the Anti-growth Alliance on 28/10/2022
Wisocracy reflects many of the ideas from the Framework for Maximum Mitigation
The Bank of Nature – are working on legislation to steer finance to fulfil fiduciary duty
Various Dutch organisations are undertaking strategic work that resonates
UN NGO Major Group – include the ‘voice’ as a participant, this paper resulted
The Stable Planet Alliance include the ‘voice’ in their Girl Planet list
Well-being Economy Alliance – included the ‘voice’ until August 2023
The Portuguese Degrowth Group – are very interested in achieving the vision
Our Common Home for Humanity – are very interested in the progress of the vision
Extinction Rebellion – allow the voice to be heard at the strategic level
The RSA – the ‘voice’ is a Fellow and has applied for a catalyst scaling grant £10,000
The Deep Transition Network – permit the ‘voice’ on their platform
Population Matters – permit the voice in their supporters discussion group
Scientists Warning Europe – have produced a helpful action plan, scroll past the picture
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