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Dear Reader,

The anti-growth alliance seeks to inspire equitable maximum mitigation, we are a subset of the anti-growth coalition. We have prepared a legal argument against GDP growth economics.  Our proposed ‘UN Charter for Ecological Justice’ is fully defined on page two of our Framework for Maximum Mitigation.  The Charter for Ecological Justice is a global aspiration to voluntarily and equitably reduce the pressure on our planet, until we are once again within the biocapacity that it offers, a type of global Ubuntu.  

We have submitted a response to the UK BEIS Net-zero consultation, in which we explain that net-zero cannot be achieved through the strategy of GDP growth. The global financial market is reliant on a Ponzi scheme which draws on the Bank of Nature.  We have been in global ecological overshoot for over fifty years.  For example, the UK operate at roughly three times the biocapacity available within their borders.  The Bank of Nature is now heavily overdrawn, and consequently we are now entangled in the final stages of collapse.  

The anti-growth coalition consists of millions of individuals who recognise the problem with our prevailing economic model. Some of these people also realise that our education system has been designed to feed this ecocidal business model.  Through our education, we are persuaded to conform to the growth model; success is defined by earning lots of money and spending it on ecologically costly, non-essential pursuits.  Furthermore, we are not overtly discouraged from having children, although many children and adults around the globe are already dying because of the escalating ecological collapse.  Every moment in each day we further diminish our ability to flourish. Our business model relies on coercive consumerism and pronatalism. We are jeopardising the survival of every life form on our planet. This paper from the UN Commons Cluster elaborates on a vision to turn this sorry scenario around. It describes how we can transform education and by so doing, build peaceful global collaboration working towards ecological justice. We need to put three more Rs into education: Realisation, Remorse and Reparations.

The anti-growth alliance describes the profound changes in awareness and behaviour that are needed in the ‘Cultural Causes of Climate Change‘.  We wish to ensure that our children will have a habitable planet, but there are very powerful and unwise forces which threaten both our present and our future.  If you personally like the idea of maximum mitigation and ecological justice, then please sign the petition for a UN Charter for Ecological Justice and share this page with others. This Charter represents the first collective step in the aspiration to peacefully return within the biocapacity of our planet.

This message is sent with love and optimism that we can all evolve to be eco-leaders in this urgently needed social transformation.

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