Universal Basic Provision

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A huge transformation in the interpretation of what ‘meaningful work’ involves is envisaged. Any projects that will facilitate the basic provisions that people will need whilst this upheaval in the workplace takes place are very helpful.  Also projects that deliver sustenance in areas that are already crippled by climate and ecological collapse will alleviate suffering and stem the flow of climate and economic migrants.

The importance of linking overshoot education, and free family planning services with any provision of Universal Basic physiological needs is explored in this article; it points out that, unless provisions come with assistance and advice about prudent family planning, we simply continue to exacerbate the global overshoot situation.

Projects are helpful if they develop ideas that will serve to assist the peaceful transition of millions of people from ecologically damaging work into occupations that are helpful to the objective of shrinking the global economy and population size. Ideally such projects will integrate the need to help those already trapped in failed economies, or ecosystems, enabling them to subsist until they reduce their population size to sustainable levels by prudent family planning and minimising the interventions during the natural process of end-of-life.

Local communal resilience that is closely interconnected with the growing impact of climate and ecological breakdown is likely to offer the most promising route to personal fulfilment and global survival. We seek projects that build a network of diverse local communities who are all aware of the impact of their decision-making on the wider world, and are focussed on minimising their own impact and enhancing their ability to become self-sufficient in a sustainable manner.

If the UN Charter for Ecological Justice is ratified it might be viable to pair up affluent and afflicted communities using the measure the degree to which they are above or below the acceptable level of wellbeing. Once this pairing is achieved the affluent community are then tasked to assist the afflicted communities enabling them to level out their wellbeing. This levelling up/down process needs to take place both within countries and across international borders. It may be that a new global currency is introduced that deals only with transactions that relate to goods and services that are deemed helpful towards achieving the reduced ecological footprint. This may provide a route to move out of the failing economic model that we have inherited from our past.

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