Community Resilience

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The possibility of global financial collapse is steadily growing while growth mindset compels humanity to continue the daily degradation of the biocapacity of Earth. The complex civilisations that exist in affluent countries rely on an infrastructure that could be compromised very quickly on a large scale in the event of financial collapse. Therefore any projects that help to decentralise communities and promote self-sufficiency will serve as examples that others might follow.

The importance of having fun – Although the reality that faces humanity at the moment has challenges that go far beyond our previous experience, there is no doubt that if individuals are empowered to tap into their personal ingenuity and imagination then we shall be able to build communal resilience on the local stage. Clearly leisure activities that involve fossil-fuels are unhelpful at this juncture. This open the door to leave behind the celebrity culture and instead encourage local talent to provide sport, music, song and drama for local entertainment. In this way people will be more engaged in their local communities and it is possible that many of the addictions that are prevalent in affluent societies will diminish.

Apart from the more commonly recognised addictions to drugs, drinking, smoking, gambling there are illnesses that are not currently diagnosed. For example overeating, obesity, addiction to work, addiction to accruing money, are not currently regarded as mental illnesses. In the context of escalating ecological collapse these quite common characteristics will be recognised as creating problems not only for the individual concerned but also the wider community. Projects are welcomed if they explore the possibility of improving mental health by revealing an imaginative path towards inspiring a vibrant community, that seeks maximum mitigation through sharing resources fairly and teaching ecological ethics.

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