Barbara’s Mission Statement (20 June 2021)

I see myself as a paradigm shifter, I am swimming against the tide, therefore I do not require consensus when I act. However I always seek consensus when I draft documents intended for public consumption, during this consultation process I make alterations in order to widen the audience to which my ideas might appeal. My method of delivering my message is a learning curve but my goal remains the same. My goal is to raise awareness about the key drivers of environmental damage as identified in the IPAT equation, i.e. Population Size, Affluence and Technology. I also seek to warn people about the Jevons Paradox, which explains the unwise manner in which affluent cultures are wasting resources and endangering our future.

I see the existential problems which face mankind at the moment as the result of our emotional immaturity. We have not yet learnt how to work together successfully without destroying our natural environment in the process. To help us to collectively achieve the emotional maturity that will be required to face up to the existential problems which we are causing and exacerbating daily, I have drafted a new concept of a ‘Universal Aspiration’. I have also looked critically at the UN Sustainable Development Goals, many of which are based on the unsustainable paradigm of economic growth. In particular SDG8 which specifically advocates economic growth.

On June 5th 2021 I approached the United Nations with a proposal a ‘Universal Aspiration’ to inspire very different behaviours within the human race, which will make our most urgent priority the need to reinstate ecological balance. This ‘Universal Aspiration’ is intended go beyond traditional politics and religion and to create a moral obligation in everyone to consider the ecological cost whenever they use their affluence or technology. It will also serve to warn young adults that the future environment will not be resilient enough to support their offspring for the kind of life-expectancy that we have enjoyed, because our eco-system is currently in the process of rapid collapse.

I have set up a petition in to collect electronic signatures from individuals globally in support of the ‘Universal Aspiration’  and also a challenge to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 7, 8, 9 and 11’, which all fail in some respects to recognise the ecological limits of our planet.

June 20th 2021 – I am starting the process of emailing every Head Teacher in England, seeking to inspire interest in the idea of a Universal Aspiration and encouraging 6th formers to consider the cultural causes of climate and ecological collapse. The UN have not responded to my communication on June 5th. I need more electronic signatures for the two petitions that I have set up in Avaaz and, I am hoping that some schools will show an interest in this idea and increase the number of signatures on both these petitions.

I have approached some relevant NGO’s who campaign about climate, environment or population issues, seeking collective support for these proposals to the UN. This has not borne fruit. I am currently seeking support from English schools with sixth forms. The various documents that I intend to submit to the UN can be accessed here.

On July 11th 2021 I intend to approach the United Nations with a suggested replacement for the existing Sustainable Development Goal 8, which advocates economic growth.

My hope is that the global conversation about a ‘Universal Aspiration’ will alter attitudes and inspire a new level of emotional maturity and humility. This should result in a demand for educational resources to help people understand how we are damaging our environment with our affluent lifestyles, and what changes in our behaviour will help to reduce ecological overshoot.

******* End of Mission Statement ******

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