Work involving the United Nations

Article introducing the concept of a ‘United Aspiration’ link
Executive Summary – Objectives of the ‘United Aspiration’ link
5 June 2021 – letter to the UN Secretary General about a ‘United Aspiration’ link
Petition in Avaaz in support of the ‘United Aspirationlink
Proposed replacement for Sustainability Goal 8 link
Broader petition in for the ‘United Aspiration‘ and a new SDG8link
11 July 2021 – email to the UNFCCC about the unsustainable nature of UN SDG8 and the executive summary for the ‘United Aspirationlink
TED style talk to help to launch the concept of a ‘United Aspiration‘ – 20 minuteslink
Excellent talk by Dr Bill Rees challenging our pursuit of economic growth – 20 minuteslink

New aspirations are urgently needed to match the reality of the graph below.

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