Work involving the United Nations

New aspirations are urgently needed to match the reality of the graph above. Economic wealth is dependent on ecological health, therefore as our ecology collapses so will the purchasing power of the International Dollar.

Scream initiative being considered by the UN Figaro project link
Requesting a UN Emergency Session to declare GDP Degrowth as toxiclink
Submission to the 2023 global stocktake for the Paris climate agreementlink
Petition in WeMove Europe for the ‘Charter for Ecological Justicelink
‘The Ego to Eco Journey in Leadership… ‘ submitted to High-Level Advisory Board link
‘The Framework for Maximum Mitigation’ submitted to High-Level Advisory Boardlink
UN Commons Cluster ‘Unity in Diversity’, the Preface justifies IPAT Degrowthlink
Petition in for the ‘Charter for Ecological Justice‘ and a revised SDG8link
Article introducing the concept of a ‘United Aspiration’ now called the Charter for Ecological Justicelink
Executive Summary – Objectives of the ‘United Aspiration’ now called the Charter for Ecological Justicelink
5 June 2021 – letter to the UN Secretary General about a ‘United Aspiration’ link
Petition in Avaaz in support of the ‘United Charter for Ecological Justicelink
Proposed replacement for Sustainability Goal 8 link
11 July 2021 – email to the UNFCCC about the unsustainable nature of UN SDG8 and the executive summary for the ‘United Aspirationlink
TED style talk to help to launch the concept of a ‘United Aspiration‘ – 20 minuteslink
Excellent talk by Dr Bill Rees challenging our pursuit of economic growth – 20 minuteslink
The book ‘The Web of Meaning’ by Jeremy Lent may help us in the emotional transition that is required to reach the United Aspiration. This link is to an article by Jeremy envisaging how mankind might achieve and live in ecological balance. link
The book ‘Saving Us From Ourselves’ envisages how our UK society might change to redress ecological balance. It is brief and it challenges many assumptions made by the affluent world. It is free to
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