Plea to UK MPs 18 September 2022

Witney, Oxfordshire December 2019

Readers based in the UK might like to ask your MP for their opinion about the suggestions made in my brief film The Cultural Causes of Climate Change. I have emailed every UK Member of Parliament on 18/09/2022 thus.

Dear Minister of Parliament,

Whilst many people mourn the passing of our queen, I am constantly mourning the death of our ecosystems, and the blind pursuit and endorsement of growth economics which I see in all our respected politicians.  Like an alcoholic determined to drink to death, humanity lurches forward, unable to imagine any alternative socio-economic system.   We are all up against the pull of the powerful propaganda machine which consists of our education system and our mainstream media.  My anguish and despair go up a notch every day that we continue on our deadly path.

I have packaged my personal plea to the UK government to show global leadership in a cultural paradigm shift in this 10 minute film about ‘The Cultural Causes of Climate Change’.  Please consider my suggestion that you create an emergency cross-party government to inspire global social change embracing Degrowth objectives. By so doing, the UK could begin to slow down the deadly dance into which our extractive, growth dependent economy has propelled us. 

None of us are killing our ecosystems through malice, we were simply taught to obey the growth mantra from birth, so we know nothing different.  Our imagination and our innate indigenous wisdom have both been carefully stifled by coercive consumerism and pronatalism all our lives, and we do our best to ensure that the next generation are equally crippled emotionally.  It is sad for me to watch.  Humanity is such a sorry case, unable to help himself, already locked into climate and ecological collapse and still doing all the wrong things.   We cannot learn a different way because our teachers were never taught to think outside the box of the cosy Holocene climate conditions and the mindset of endless economic growth.


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