UN Earth Alarm 2023

A plea for  UN Earth Alarm Convention, or a Special Session of the UN General Assembly, to maximise mitigation from the escalating polycrises has been submitted to Antonio Guterres the Secretary General of the United Nations on 25 August 2023.

Individuals can sign their support electronically on this petition.

If your organisation wishes to support this Earth Alarm initiative we ask you to send the link to this page to António Guterres (sgcentral@un.org ), who is so much aware that we are on the edge of collapse. If you join us in sending a supporting email to the Secretary General, please inform the Platform DSE, who initiated this campaign, by adding this address as a CC or BCC: info@platformdse.org. This call to action will hopefully support the Secretary General in getting others to do what is needed. In your accompanying mail you could add your own arguments and facts to strengthen this plea. You can also add the link to this article that shows how urgent it is to take action:          https://www.thenation.com/article/environment/civilization-collapse-climate-change/    

Please send this message around to reach as many people as possible!

Example for your email: Dear Secretary General António Guterres, I know that you are fully aware of the many crises that are already affecting both nature and so many people. I urge you to take note of the attached Earth Alarm, and organize a Special Session of the UN General Assembly, where global specialists and national leaders can find ways to maximise mitigation this escalating polycrisis. There is no time to waste!  With kind regards, ……………..

This initiative was inspired by Jan Juffermans, who wishes to extend Kind wishes,  Hartelijke groet, to everyone who is willing to get involved in the battle to protect Life on Earth from man-made climate breakdown and ecosystems collapse.

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