XR Awakening (poem)

Red Rebels in Witney

XR is a commonly used abbreviation for the ‘Extinction Rebellion’. They raised my awareness of how far advanced ecological collapse had progressed. The video link above was the Charlbury group who did an impressive Red Rebels Funeral procession in Witney November 2019. Symbolising the ongoing death of Life on Earth.

This website reflects my own personal views, not the views of any movement or organisation.

XR Awakening

XR woke me up in Easter nineteen
The end of my quiet retirement dream
I needed to act as soon as I knew
That all the predictions were now coming true

They brought a new kind of awareness to me
They inspired me to act and say what I see
How my beloved and green countryside
Will wither beneath the unstoppable tide

Our wildlife is struggling to prosper and thrive
The seasons are changing; it’s a race to survive
I’m using my voice to get the truth out
So the whisper of protest turns into a shout

XR lays the blame on the powers that be
But the problem, I think, lies with you and with me
Our opinions all count and they drive what we do
There’s no hope of changing without me and you

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