James C Morrow

James C Morrow has been advocating paradigm shift to altruistic Degrowth for well over ten years. The images from his Twitter feed have been shared widely, nudging the recipients to revise their worldview. His blog entries provide ideas that help to broaden our outlook and understanding. James advises that 2 billion people might be a sustainable figure, similar estimates are mentioned in this paper.

Within the context of universal models, world models, human world models, and the particular world models that each of us have built up over decades through which to interact with others and the world in general, James suggests that the following research papers are of interest, they are based upon work first carried out in the 1960s:

A Unified Theory of Schizophrenia & Bipolar Affective Disorderlink
Cognitive Illusions – Weaving the Fabric of Realitylink
Paranoia and the Externalised Perceptual Misalignment Hypothesis..link
Recognition as a Conceptual Correlation Process – An Object-Based Approachlink
Recommended: Ways of Being, beyond human intelligence by James Bridlelink
Recommended: Feeling and Knowing by Antonio Damasiolink

Poems by James Morrow:

Profit of Doom (written May 2001)

Just the other day
An angry businessman
Appeared on TV

“Damn those protestors,
Because of them my profits
Are down by half today

Why can’t they just
Leave us alone?”

But should you go
With the flow when it’s
All down the drain?

Should you turn the 
Tide or just run and hide?
Prophet of loss

Slight of mind
Ache one day at a time
Rhythm, or Rhyme?

MCD (written April 2021)

Now that mad car disease is endemic in London
And is spreading rapidly to other cities and towns 
Has anyone considered mass slaughter of all cars 
In the infected areas and within a two hundred mile radius?

To ensure that this, admittedly drastic, policy is effective 
In stamping out this disease before it spreads out of all control
All movement of cars in and out of each infected area must be stopped
Local scrapyards must be re-established and all affected cars burnt or buried
Tight restrictions must, of course, be placed on all vehicle movements

In order to ensure safe transportation of cars in areas currently free of MCD
Strict guidelines must be enforced, and no car allowed to be moved except
Within carefully disinfected transporters which must avoid all rush hours
All live cars seen in MCD infected areas must be clamped on sight
And taken away for incineration or burial

Illegal movement of suspected cars -
At night by transporter, for example -
Must be severely punished

If we take this drastic action now
We might have this disease under control before
Fossil fuels run out and all vehicular life ends
Stamp out MCD before it stamps out life
You know it makes sense
Save our transport
Re ’cycle

Grocery Rhyme (Written March 2001)

Bad bad blackened sheep,
Have you any fuel?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three sheds full.
One for the cow herd,
One for the swine
And one for the little lambs
That aren't even mine.


Apparently (written April 2001)

Jesus Christ came back
To save the world last year
When he tried to help a friend
His friend tried to help him
And shut him up before
He upset anyone

Silenced by sedatives
He was bundled away
To a place of safety and
Is now tightly wrapped in
A chemical straitjacket
For his own good

Even now 
He has no insight
Into his illness
No one can
Save him
His madness

They’re looking 
Into the Pope now
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