Malawi is teaching Degrowth

The data about ecological overshoot is discussed at this link. My friends from Hope Ministries International have had these wonderful prints created to deliver talks in remote villages without needed a projector or screen. This picture above reads

‘Making money is destroying our life support systems’.

After asking the audience what they value in life, the picture below is shown. It reads,

Did you say money?
All money is made by using natural resources.
There are now so many of us, making so much money, that life on Earth is dying

The following slide teaches about ecological injustice, in English it reads:

All the money that we have made has changed our climate
People without money suffer more

The next slide talks about the three big problems that we have:

In Chichewa this reads:

The final slide talks about needing a global aspiration to face the apocalypse. You can sign the campaign for the UN Charter for Ecological Justice.

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