How Dare You! – Background

Any serious Climate Activist will know that to challenge the norms of our society takes considerable courage and commitment in the form of time, emotions, finances and competing priorities. It is not a pursuit that is undertaken lightly.

Most people will be unaware that when the Paris Climate agreement was drawn up, it was agreed that the issue of carbon-sequestration or capture would be left until after 2050. It was felt that it was too ‘costly’ in financial terms to address this issue any earlier. The cost in ecological terms was not considered.

The physics of global warming is very simple. We are in a greenhouse where the ‘glass’ is the density of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. We are daily making this ‘glass’ thicker. To date we have no way of reducing the thickness of the ‘glass’, and we have failed to reduce the rate at which that thickness is growing. We don’t plan to seriously consider methods to reduce the thickness of the ‘glass’ until 2050.

In the meantime Climate and Ecological collapse is now well underway. This has weakened all those carbon sinks that have worked so well for millenia: forests consumed by fires, oceans acidified, peat-bogs dug up, permafrost melting.

We have thoroughly robbed our youth of their prospects with our irresponsible behaviour. Greta could not be more justified when she rages HOW DARE YOU! We should all feel ashamed.

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