Poems for Parliament 2020

This is the published version of the booklet which was delivered to every UK MP in September 2020. It implores them to show leadership at COP26; by creating an all-party emergency government to try to work within our ecological budget, rather than the fabrication of finance. It suggested that they set equitable IPAT Degrowth objectives. The UN Charter for Ecological Justice was conceived at a later date.

You can read the content online or print your own booklet. There is no copyright on the content, but the cartoon should not be used in other publications.

An experienced printer should be able to produce the booklets using the page numbering in the pdf. The inside cover should be left blank, so that odd-numbered pages should appear on the right-hand side.

A5 booklet
24pp including cover
Card cover cream
100gsm bond inner
All in black ink

Poems for Parliament is set up as a Publisher, this is a slightly enhanced version of the booklet that was originally distributed to all UK Members of Parliament in September 2020 without an ISBN.

Any more general queries should be directed to bw@poemsforparliament.uk

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