Evidence of Degrowth Emerging

Click picture above to see Johan Rockstrom explain about tipping points. For scientific papers relevant to Degrowth, and other symptoms of the mindset shift that is underway see list below.

List of Degrowth, Post Growth, Beyond Growth orientated organisations
Free monthly journal of recent Degrowth related articles. Pelican Web
Paper warning of the Inevitable Population Correction
A key paper about Behavioural problems driving Ecosystems collapse.
Another about sustainability and reproductive ethics.
In Montreal Dec 2022 the IPBES COP15 European scientists and many more voted to halve production and consumption by 2030
A paper on Rationing and Climate Change Mitigation offers a fair route forward for humanity to minimise resource use and start to treat this as an emergency.
The Earth Systems Treaty shines a light forward for the emerging cross-cultural commitment to change behaviour.
Many NGOs like Greenpeace are now promoting Degrowth concepts
40 Environmental NGOs uniting in the UK to speak out about the appalling State of Nature report
Pope Francis speaks out against irresponsible Western lifestyles 4 October 2023
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