What would Degrowth involve?

Much of our modern way of life increases the level of ecological overshoot that we are causing. To embrace Degrowth we shall need to be willing to lower our expectations regarding our future lifestyle. We shall need to be made aware of the following facts:

  • Many technologies speed up the rate that we damage our environment. It would help to publicly identify these with a view to minimising their use
  • Many non-essential consumer goods have a significant carbon-footprint
  • A child conceived today has a future which is compromised by our past and current behaviour. Any new born now enters a world which is in a state of escalating climate and ecological collapse
  • Receiving intensive medical or social care has a high ecological cost
  • Building using bricks, mortar and cement has a high carbon and ecological cost

A voluntary reduction on all these fronts would only arise after a paradigm shift in awareness and attitudes.

How can we change attitudes?

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