UN Email 5 June 2021 (draft)

Subject – Proposal for a ‘Universal Aspiration for an Altruistic Anthropocene’

I attach a letter to the UN Secretary General requesting that the United Nations consider ratifying a ‘Universal Aspiration for an Altruistic Anthropocene’. The purpose of this proposal is to inspire the human race to voluntarily and collectively work towards reinstating global ecological balance. This will requiring returning at least 50% of Earth’s biocapacity to being unused for human purposes. 

The launch of this new concept is timely because according to recently published predictions in research by Professor Bystroff of Rensselaer. This research considers the impact of the escalating ecological collapse, and shows clear that our collective well-being is becoming increasingly challenged.  Therefore the aspiration that we are urging in this proposal might save billions of premature human deaths as well as preserving much of the biodiversity on Earth which has managed to escape the sixth mass extinction to date.  The full research paper is available at this link. Figure 4 from the paper is shown below with some annotation to provide a clear summary for your benefit thus:

The vertical axis shows estimated global Human Population

To launch the concept of a ‘Universal Aspiration’ of this type I have written an article which I hope will inspire people to recognise the worth of the concept. The article is available on my website here.

We are currently facing the most extreme existential challenges in human history and there now remains only a very small window of opportunity in which we might improve our destiny by aspiring to alter our use of free-choice dramatically.

Yours Sincerely

Barbara Williams

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