Envisioning Beyond Growth

The Centre for Thriving Places have been trying to inspire a different way of thinking for over a decade. The document below is their vision from 2010, which is a helpful vision for anyone who is new to Degrowth. The paper provides lots of ideas that become extremely helpful once GDP Degrowth ambitions are adopted.

The paper below compares different organisations perceptions of wellbeing. Most of the key ingredients to wellbeing that are featured in this paper, are all threatened by the continued peer pressure to procreate, and also to consume non-essential goods and services. Pronatalism, coercive consumerism, and false belief in monetary or technical solutions are key cultural drivers of ecological collapse, and consequently financial and food insecurity as well. The anti-growth alliance concludes that all these perspectives need to evolve to embrace GDP Degrowth objectives. Our conclusion is that the added ingredient of GDP Degrowth, will enable these different perspectives and organisations to merge and therefore interconnect more effectively.

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