Scientists Warning – proposes a Roadmap to Ecological Justice (Preprint)

The linchpin in the ‘Road Map to Ecological Justice’ is the proposal for a UN Charter for Ecological Justice. This 5 minute animation explains the concept, and there are petitions available that you can support as an individual or as an organisation.

The pdf of the Roadmap is publicly available as a preprint on SSRN it has recently gone for peer review. There is also an overview article available that takes about four minutes to read.


This ‘Roadmap to Ecological Justice’ challenges two common cultural issues which are preventing genuine mitigation from climate breakdown and ecological collapse; these are coercive consumerism and peer-pressure to procreate. Commercial advertising drives peer pressure to approve and indulge in non-essential consumption. Economic growth prioritises financial profit before the wellbeing of ecosystems. This mindset has caused chronic ecological overshoot for over fifty years, destabilising the climate and shared ecosystems. In this way the financial model of growth economics contravenes our declared human right to a healthy environment.

The writing style involves the reader in the emerging social evolution; and envisions communal wellbeing arising from shared ambition to equitably minimise our global ecological footprint. The ‘UN Charter for Ecological Justice’ empowers people to feel proud and justified as they collaborate to equitably and voluntarily minimise global consumption, and encourages minimal family size to reduce suffering throughout global climate and ecosystems collapse. There are practical steps described together with new concepts; which combine to maximise equitable, and peaceful mitigation from the escalating collapse. The Roadmap is designed to minimise unhappiness and unfulfilled lives throughout the rapidly unfolding collapse; it steers the strength in our emotions positively, and expands collective wisdom into a wider perspective. The evidence of the ongoing collapse is no longer negotiable.

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