Rebel Haiku by Neil from Bangor

Neil wrote to me after reading my book, he expressed some kind comments on my book which I have shared below, they came at a time when it felt that very few shared my perspective his words helped to gave me heart to continue with my campaign, thank you Neil:

Dear Barbara,

First of all, congratulations on your book! Very well researched, and very readable. I also think the inclusion of parts of your personal story strikes the right balance, and creates extra impact too.

The first part of the book, stating the current situation and pointing to the science, is exemplary. Really well done, with all the necessary links. Excellent! Now to the ‘what we should do about it’ parts, which is where my comments are focussed. Hope I don’t ramble too much…. to make your own mind up about my ideas for transition to a new lifestyle you can download the book for free here:

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