About Poems For Parliament 2020

Older UK citizens have unknowingly lived through a golden era at the expense of future generations. The younger generation inherit a world in a state of escalating climate and ecological collapse. This is a direct result of the privileges that we in affluent countries like the UK have enjoyed during our lives. So far we have only taught the young the same mistakes that we have made. Therefore they, like us, are ill-prepared for the future that awaits. We are all overwhelmed by the coercive consumer culture that dominates our economic and ecological landscape. We are part of the modern human herd that does not know how to change direction.

We are now likely to soon face economic collapse as well as ecological collapse. My hope is that the UK might be ready for a paradigm shift in public opinion with regard to the motivations that underpin our society. A shift that would involve aspiring to voluntary Degrowth, and working towards operating a sustainable ecological budget . To this end I put together the booklet ‘Poems For Parliament’ .

On the 11th September 2020 these poems were posted to every UK MP

The author (Barbara Williams) can be contacted on bw@poemsforparliament.uk

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