Malawi – Degrowth Day

Hope Ministries International (HOMI)

Blessings Mlowoka and Pike Ng’oma organised a packed day of education and fun 25/09/2021 Captions and photos give a flavour

There was a special message from the 92 year old lady featured first in the photos, who still farms her land:

She said….. “Barbara wanditchenetsa ndikuoneka bwino….ambuye amudalitse wakumbukila osowa” English: Barbara has dressed me well and I look beautiful today let God bless her because she has remembered those who are in need. “Mumuuze Barbara, tili ndi vuto la madzi kuno; madzi owe tikugwiritsa ntchito siabwino pa koto was munthu” ENGLISH: Tell Barbara we have water problems here; we are suffering a lot the water we use is NOT good for use. This message touched me (ie Pike) …..and I did NOT want to tell you because it’s not what we went to preach but because she mentioned it in a specific way……. I need to deliver.. Thank you Pike for delivering her message in full to me – the world need to know of the problems you are facing

My involvement in the day was simply providing funds and a brief PowerPoint presentation about Degrowth, which Pike translated to the national language – Chichewa.

Blessings and Pike chose how to spend the money and deliver the education. They selected some excellent messages which we can see the children displaying on their placards:

  • Think Green, Control Overpopulation
  • Involve Us in Climate Justice
  • Climate Justice Now!
  • Lets protect our Bio-diversity

Pike gave me a vibrant description of the day:

Good morning Barbara…. We had a wonderful and beautiful Degrowth/Ecological overshoot Campaign yesterday. ……first of its kind. -Primary pupils and their teachers -The communities and their traditional chiefs -And Football Bonanza involving two communities giant teams…… From activities from around 9am -6pm we already found a good number of gatherings… School had about 100pupils…communities we planned for 50 but it was over 100 as well some sat outside the hall and later Bonanza called over 3,500 …..

Chiefs and community leaders welcomed the development and promised to take part in family planning. ….because they have learnt a lot from the campaign. …. They say they had big forests….. and was all sold and deforestated. …proud of money and now they are facing the wrath of climate change… This training was in the church…. meeting chiefs… community leaders and community members who came from different sides….Kms away….. We use the church as a community HALL because they don’t have any….They have bricks and site and have builders but the problem is building and finishing….materials like sheets…….

After providing lunch the afternoon was taken up by the football bonanza. A game between NKHAMBO FC and ABULU FC. Goals were scored and celebrated. ….. Some pictures below with a few comments. Thank you so much Pike and Blessings for all your hard work. I am grateful to everyone who attended. I hope that this event might inspire more collaborations to rectify the climate injustice which will continue to worsen every day until the world embraces a new direction, which could be inspired by a Global Aspiration for rapid, voluntary and ethical IPAT Degrowth to address global ecological overshoot.

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