How can we change attitudes?

We are all part of public opinion. If we change our own attitude and make other people aware of our change, our action will have a ripple effect.

There are four suggestions made in the booklet which are repeated below. You could urge your MP to adopt any of these suggestions, or choose ideas of your own.

  • Run an awareness campaign comparable to that undertaken for COVID. We all need to recognise that our world is in a state of escalating climate and ecological collapse. We have compromised our future with our behaviour, and without a paradigm shift our prospects will continue to deteriorate year on year
  • Create a cross-party emergency government, to signal to the world that we consider climate and ecological collapse is an urgent issue
  • Make the UK the first country to rewrite its objectives from the perspective of an ecological budget rather than a financial one
  • Make the UK the first country to actively seek Degrowth as part of its emergency damage limitation exercise with regard to the ongoing and rapidly accelerating Climate and Ecological collapse

The ‘Commitment’ organisation is dedicated to lobbying MPs with regard to climate and ecological collapse. You can simply sign their pledge, and that will result in a lobbying letter to your MP urging an emphasis on the relevant issues that the ‘Commitment’ are promoting. You might use figure 4 (see below) from the Bystroff research to lobby your MP to take environmental collapse more seriously.

Vertical axis shows predicted global Human Population size

How does Ecological accounting work?

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