Degrowth Events in Malawi

Overview: The overall goal of the Campaign on the Degrowth is to put wellbeing of the communities ahead of the profits. The Degrowth ideas are there to bring a health and reliable life to the communities and the whole Malawi so that the life of people and planet are sustainable and contribute to reducing the impact of climate which has been largely contributed by human population increase.  Educational resources have been made available in the local language Chichewa.

Date: 14th September 2023 Venue: Namajoka CBO, Zomba, Malawi – full report

Date: 12th AUGUST 2023 Venue: Navikoka VDC Dowa, Malawi – Link to full report

Date: 17th June 2023 at Phililanjuzi in Malingunde – link to full report

Date: 3th December 2022 at Sinyala in Malingunde – link to full report

Date: 18 June 2022 at Maligunde TDC Lilongwe – link to full report

Date: 25 September 2021 near Nkhambo and Abulu Lilongwe District – some memories from the first Degrowth educational day in Malawi.

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