Gaia’s Tear

Thank you Livia for sharing these poems and for your help and encouragement when I was considering whether to lobby parliament using poems.

Gaia’s Tear

 Our Mother Earth is weary of our ways
 And rapidly declining every day
 She suffers from our lack of care and love
 In spite of all her rich and wondrous gifts.
 She generously gave us gentle breeze,
 Invigorating briny ocean gusts,
 Fresh scent of pine woods, blooming meadows, but she’s
 asphyxiating from our noxious fumes.
 Her soil is poisoned with our toxic waste
 That will be fatal for a thousand years.
 Deserts expand because of stifling heat,
 Clear streams and rushing rivers, languid lakes, 
 The vast mysterious oceans that were once 
 Alive with fish that darted, leapt in joy,
 Shellfish, corals, weeds, fantastic creatures 
 Providing food and beauty have become
 Depositories of our wasteful ways
 Slowly excluding any forms of life. 

 Gaia has tried to give us early warning
 Of dangers linked to constant global warming
 With drought and hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.
 But blinded by our passion for possessions
 We do not see, in order to survive
 Our lives and aims will need dramatic change.
 She looks at us and sheds a tear of woe
 To see the desolation we have wreaked
 The lack of love for creatures large and small,
 For plants and trees in fields, the hills and vales,
 For forests wiped out at the speed of fires.
 Why let one hundred fifty forms of life 
 Be lost for ever every single day?
 Humble beasts that all feel joy and pain
 That love their parents and their offspring too,
 Are killed by man just like his fellow humans. 

 Why don’t we stop this murderous decline
 That puts our planet’s life at mortal risk?
  Material greed is at the source of doom
 That threatens us and all that lives on Earth.
 Man spreads destruction in his wake, makes wars
 Produces murder missiles, guns and bombs
 Instead of ploughshares, wells and homes for all.
 This pale blue sphere which hurtles on through space
 By preordained routes since it has come to be
 Has veered off course far from the plan divine. 

We can still stop this fatal devastation
 And save our Mother Earth from certain death,
 By going back to simple saner lives
 Closer to Gaia, close to changing seasons,
 Respecting fellow creatures, flora, beasts,
 Learning to hear the music of the spheres
 To see the beauty held in grass and leaves

A new age must give rise to a new birth
 To save our precious desecrated Earth. 

The Clock Ticks On

Tick-tack, tick-tack
 snow drops still bring
 fresh hope of spring
 birds build their nest 
 with frenzied zest
 buds still appear
 to mask the fear
 our Earth is sick
 the clock goes tick
 when it goes tack
 we must turn back
 air is acrid
 water putrid 
 our oceans rise
 meanwhile time flies
 species that grew
 from primeval brew
 a billion years
 are dying out 
 desert and drought
 where once the woods
 meadows and brooks
 for fish and beast
 songbirds and bees
 all creatures wild 
 for man and child
 were joy and home
 now they are gone
 nature cries out  
 to stop the proud
 on land and sea
 we must defuse      
 the Earth's abuse
 if this goes on
 all will be gone      
 the clock ticks on
 tick-tack, tick-tack

‘The Clock Ticks On’ by Livia Varju appeared in Phoenix New Life Poetry in Spring 2007. It was in an exhibition with a painting that Livia did on the subject. The sun was a big clock and there was a pleasant scenery. The time on the clock was 2 minutes before 12:00.

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