Beyond Growth

Beyond Growth events and work in progress

List of Degrowth organisationslink
Population Correction Inevitable peer-reviewed paper from Bill Rees link
Summary of the Beyond Growth Conference in May 2023link
Manifesto for an Intergenerationally Just Post-growth European economy 14Maylink
Open letter published 15 May 2023 – a Post-growth Europe critical to survivelink
Vision statement from the European Wellbeing Economy Coalitionlink
Degrowth conference in Zagreb 29-02 September 2023link
Numerous NGOs sign the ‘New Economy Now’ manifestolink
Oxford University and are rethinking the curriculumlink
Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP to replace GDP) seminars start 13 March 2023link
Jason Hickel explaining the mainstream Degrowth conceptslink
European Beyond Growth conference 15-17 May 2023 link
Wellbeing Economy Alliance unites NGOs who recognise GDP damages wellbeinglink
Wellbeing Economy Governments are trying to move away from GDP growthlink
Beyond Growth Manifesto 2023 – in progress with the Dutch Footprint Networklink
John Doyle is powerful at UN, and explaining inertia and denial to Madis Vasserlink
European Trade Union Institute – A Just Transition Beyond Growth link
Degrowth course offered by Scotland on behalf of Wellbeing Governments link
Degrowth journal for Scotland’s progress to reduce environmental impact link
Extinction Rebellion mention Degrowth is needed in their February 2023 Newsletterlink
Malawi are finding ways to teach Degrowth and agro-forestry in remote villageslink
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