Becoming an Armchair Activist

Use your voice. You are an important part of public opinion, if you want things to change
you need to make your friends and colleagues aware that you are no longer happy
with the status quo. Challenge the norms that we all take for granted. Just because
we have been headed in an unwise direction for decades it does not mean that this must
continue indefinitely.
Sign the campaign for the Climate and Ecological Emergency bill here
Write to your MP on a regular basis, choosing different aspects of the emergency to remind him/her of your concern. See some suggestions here
Nearly all the organisations mentioned here will have ongoing campaigns that need
electronic signatures to help them gain momentum.
Government Petitions sign any petitions that you feel are relevant, or raise your own.
Make a legal case for the Plan B organisation on some environmental issue of which you are aware. They did well to stop the Heathrow expansion.
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