Cultural Causes of Climate Change

This book seeks to achieve the following:

  • The language is intended to be clear and direct, so that the story-line is easily accessible to many readers. The content is factual and evidence based , framed to some extent within the tapestry of the author’s own life-experience. It is hoped that the anecdotal content provides a comfortable vehicle for the reasoning, conclusions and suggestions.
  • Challenging questions are asked about our existing growth paradigm culture
  • Logical arguments are presented, which argue for voluntary lifestyle changes to achieve maximum mitigation from climate and ecological collapse.
  • An attractive vision is described, of a new culture committed to voluntary maximum mitigation within the UK. This is done with a view to leading the world in a global socio-political paradigm shift to maximum mitigation
  • Many of the views expressed are contrary to our accepted culture. Despite that, it is hoped that they are presented in a manner that persuades many readers that they are worth considering.

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